Jacksonville Gun Crimes and Liability

Imagine someone steals your gun from your Jacksonville residence, and he shoots someone with it.  Are you liable for this Jacksonville gun crime?  Maybe.  The answer depends on the facts of your case.  For example, under Florida Statute Section 790.174, Jacksonville residents must store their guns in a securely locked box or other secure location if they know or should know that a minor is likely to access the gun.  If this Florida statute is violated and a minor obtains possession of the gun, the Jacksonville resident can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor.  


Jacksonville gun owners should be aware that they can be liable for negligent entrustment of a gun.  As a Jacksonville gun owner, you have a legal responsibility to keep your gun safe and secure.  Jacksonville gun owners must be cautious of allowing other people to borrow the gun or have access to the gun.  In some cases, a Jacksonville gun owner may sued for negligence if someone takes the gun and injures another person with it, if the Jacksonville gun owner was negligent in storing the gun or allowing the gun to be available to another person.  
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