Jacksonville DUI Attorney: Walk and Turn Test Information

Jacksonville Florida DUI Officers use a field sobriety test called the walk and turn test in order to determine if a Jacksonville DUI suspect is impaired by alcohol.  The Jacksonville DUI officer gives the driver instructions about the test.  While he is giving instructions, the Jacksonville Florida DUI suspect must keep the left foot directly in front of the right foot and keep his arms by his side.  If the Jacksonville DUI suspect is unable to maintain his balance, the DUI officer will hold this against him.  Once the test begins, the driver must take nine heel-to-toe steps down a line, turn using small steps with only one foot, and walk back nine more steps in the same fashion.  If the Jacksonville DUI suspect misses his heel to toe by only one-half inch, the officer will note this as a clue that the driver is impaired.  The Jacksonville DUI suspect must watch his feet the entire time, keep his arms by his side, and count the steps out loud. If Jacksonville Florida DUI suspect fails to perform any of these properly, the DUI officer will consider this as a sign that the Jacksonville DUI suspect is impaired.   
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