Jacksonville DUI Lawyer: Walk and Turn Test Defenses

Jacksonville DUI officers use the Walk and Turn test, along with other field sobriety tests, to determine if a Jacksonville DUI suspect is impaired.  Due to the unfair nature of this test, there are many ways to discredit this DUI test.  For example, this test has a maximum number of eight clues. The first two clues occur during the instruction phase.  The Jacksonville DUI officer requires the Jacksonville DUI defendant to stand with one foot in front of the other while listening to instruction.  If the Jacksonville DUI suspect (1) cannot balance or (2) starts too soon, the Jacksonville DUI officer will count a clue for each.  Then next four clues occur during the walk.  If the Jacksonville DUI suspect (3) pauses, (4) misses heel-to-toe, (5) steps off the line, or (6) uses his arms to balance, the Jacksonville DUI officer will count a clue for each.  The Jacksonville DUI officer will count another clue (7) if the Jacksonville DUI suspect does not turn as instructed and another clue (8) if he does not take nine steps down and nine steps back.  If a Jacksonville DUI suspects exhibits two of the eight clues, this implies that he is impaired.  This does not make sense.  If a person takes a test and misses 2 out of 8 questions, he would receive a grade of 75.  This is a passing score.  Why does the Jacksonville DUI suspect fail the test with a score of 75?  

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