Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer Tip # 751: Listen to Your Lawyer

141215_lawyers-140579-m.jpgWhether you’ve hired a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, or you’ve had one appointed to you by the court, it is always a good idea to listen to the advice of your criminal defense lawyer. I’ve been a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer for a number of years, and in my experience I have often found that a person accused of a crime who ignores the advice of his or her lawyer will end up in unfavorable position more often than a client that listens. Communication goes both ways; your lawyer should always listen to your concerns and consider the goals that you wish to accomplish. Your lawyer is then responsible for explaining to you how the law applies to the facts in your case and advising you of the best way to proceed in order to put you where it is that you would like to be.

Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers are trained in the law, rules, and procedures that apply to your case. The experience that your criminal defense lawyer brings to the table is also invaluable. It’s a no-brainer that a criminal defense lawyer that is trained in the law and that has handled thousands of cases would know better than you… 9 out of 10 times anyway.

At the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC, we have experienced criminal defense lawyers that can help guide you through the complex legal system and work with you to achieve the best outcome possible in your case. If you or a loved one needs representation, our lead Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer is available 24/7 through our emergency line at (904) 302-7629.

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