Zimmerman’s Attorney Calls for Status Hearing

Zimmerman1Zimmerman’s Attorney called for a Status Hearing today. This is a last minute hearing, requested just one day after Zimmerman had his brief First Appearance in Sanford Court. There the Judge set Formal Arraignment for 29th of April. At Arraignment, issues Zimmerman will have to resolve include: entering a plea, setting a bond, determination on whether the court record will be sealed, etc.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, this case is of particular interest to me. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law has come into question and ultimately, the outcome of this case could negatively affect my future clients. These clients that had to use deadly force to protect themselves from death or serious bodily injury. However, as of today Zimmerman’s Attorney has not told the State that they will be relying on this affirmative defense.

As this case progresses many details about that February night will come to light and ultimately justice will prevail. Additionally, as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, I know the impact media can make on a pending criminal case. Zimmerman’s Attorney has a huge hurdle to clear and make sure the case is tried in the courtroom and not through the media.

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