Iraq War Veteran charged with Murder in California Homeless Slayings

Former United State Marine, Itzcoatl Ocampo, was charged with four counts of murder in California for the deaths of four homeless men. Media Reports stated that “the killing spree began in December, raising concerns that a serial killer was preying on the homeless. Police and advocates then went on nightly patrols to urge them to sleep in groups or seek shelter.” Each victim was stabbed multiple times. There has been no evidence submitted “on the evidence against Ocampo, or a possible motive. But Anaheim Police Chief John Welter has said investigators are confident they have the man responsible for the murders.”

According to his family, Ocampo “was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and came back a changed man. He said his son expressed disillusionment and became ever darker as he struggled to find his way as a civilian. After he was discharged in 2010 and returned home, his parents separated. The same month, one of his friends, a corporal, was killed during combat in Afghanistan. His brother said Ocampo visited his friend’s grave twice a week.”

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