If I Get a Speeding Ticket or Traffic Citation in Another State, Will Florida Assess Points to My License?

If you receive a speeding ticket or any traffic citation in another state, Florida may assess points against your Florida license. According to Florida Statute Section 322.27(e), a conviction in another state of a traffic violation that would violate the laws of Florida if committed in Florida may be recorded against a driver. The driver will receive the same number of points on his Florida driver’s license that would have resulted in he were adjudicated guilty of the driving offense in Florida. This could result in a Florida Driver’s License suspension.

For example, if a licensed Florida Driver receives a ticket in Texas for speeding (over 15 mph), he or she will receive 4 points on his or her driver’s license (see the Florida Points Scale). If this happens, the Florida Driver’s License may be suspended if the driver has other tickets. A Jacksonville Traffic Lawyer cannot handle a ticket in Texas. However, a Jacksonville Traffic Lawyer may be able to reopen an old moving violation in Florida and have the points set aside. If this occurs, the Jacksonville driver will be able to avoid the license suspension if the points are under the threshold amount (See Section 322.27(a)-(c) for points and suspensions).

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