Identity Theft Becomes Big Business in Florida

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyGiven that the crime is seen as vastly safer to engage in than the drug trade, experts are pointing out that identity theft has become increasingly popular for Florida criminals. Though it can be difficult to hunt down the culprits, when people are apprehended for identity theft in Florida, they face lengthy prison terms and punitive fines.

The Federal Trade Commission says that Florida is at the epicenter a recent identity theft crime wave sweeping the United States, most likely because of its large senior citizen population. Since 2008, the IRS reports some 500,000 taxpayers have alleged wage or identity tax fraud. The cases reported continue to climb, exponentially, tripling between 2009 and 2011.

Given the increasing number of victims of identity theft, the major federal law enforcement agencies including the FTC, IRS and FBI are launching more rigorous theft investigations. All the agencies are under pressure to put a stop to the crime and the RISA reported that in 2011 alone it was able to prevent more than $1 billion in false tax returns from being filed.

An emphasis in Florida appears to be on tax identity theft. A task force in Miami was created to combat the criminals after the city saw a dramatic uptick in the number of tax identity thefts. One member of local law enforcement said that criminals are flocking to the practice given the ease of the crime and the ability to make big money quickly.

Identify theft is a serious crime in Florida and, if convicted, can mean the loss of your freedom. That’s why those accused need to be vigilant in protecting their rights. If you need a

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