I Just Received a Speeding Ticket, What do I do Now?

ticket.jpgIn Jacksonville and across Florida life comes at you fast and sometimes you follow. However, this could lead to a Jacksonville Speeding Ticket. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is cracking down on aggressive and speeding drivers this month. Therefore, with the increase in Police presence on our motorways, more Traffic Tickets are to follow. But, what happens after I get a Jacksonville Speeding Ticket?

In most Traffic Tickets you are given three (3) options. First, you may elect to just pay the ticket. Second, you may elect to complete a traffic school in order to reduce the penalty and potentially your insurance. Finally, you have the option of setting a court date and appearing before the Duval County Traffic Court, thereby arguing your case before a judge. However, some Jacksonville Traffic Tickets do not allow these options and you must set a court date to appear before a judge. These types of tickets are Criminal Traffic Tickets, the most common being driving with knowledge of revoked or suspended license.

The next aspect to consider is the points that will be added to your license at the conviction of each Traffic Citation. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles the amount of point that will be placed on your license will be determined by the speed you were traveling over the speed limit. Furthermore, if you are ticketed for traveling 15 MPH or more over the speed limit you will most likely face 4 points on your license. If your ticket is less than 15 MPH over the speed limit you are likely to face 3 points on your license. The points placed on your license will depend upon what was noted on the ticket, not your actual speed. So, if the Officer reduces the amount to only 13 over as a “favor” you are still going to have 3 points placed on your license.

These are just a few preliminary aspects to consider after receiving a Jacksonville Traffic Citation. You do not want to enter a plea of no contest or guilty without first seeking the advise and counsel of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. They will be able to review your case, make the proper determinations, and make sure moving forward your rights are being protected.

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