I got a Withhold of Adjudication for my Jacksonville Criminal Offense. Do I have to tell a potential employer about it?

Jacksonville Criminal LawyerWe all make mistakes, bad judgment calls, and are influenced by our peers. However, some these not so good decisions can result in Jacksonville Criminal Charges. When this happens you could be facing serious penalties for your actions. However, with the guidance and assistance of a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney they can fight the state and work to get you the best possible outcome of your case. Ultimately, you want the charges dropped but that is not always a viable option when negotiating with the State. However, if you Adjudication Withheld, you are in a position to have your record sealed.

Now that you have moved on from your Withhold of your Jacksonville Criminal Charge, do you have to disclose this information to potential employers? I get asked this question all the time. Clients are applying for a job and want to know how to answer the question, “Have you ever been convicted of felony?” The correct answer for this question is NO. If you received a Withhold for your Jacksonville Criminal Charge, you were never CONVICTED, therefore the correct answer to that question is NO.

However, just because adjudication was Withheld, does not mean it will not appear on a background check. Therefore, you are in a position in whether to tell an employer first or to wait for the employer to ask; if at all. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question. Sometimes its better to take the proactive step and notify them ahead of time and explain the situation. But, that can lead to quick judgments. In contrast, if you wait, they may look at it as you are trying to hide something. So, one just has to feel their way through the process and determine what is the best plan of action for their individual case.

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