Are Silencers Legal to Own in South Carolina

DSCF0502.jpgPossession of most Title II weapons are regulated by South Carolina law under Title 16.  However, silencers are not mentioned in the statue, but that does not make it legal to possess a silencer in South Carolina.  In order to possess Title II weapons you must comply with state and federal law.  While South Carolina law does not make the possession of silencers illegal, federal law does.  Therefore, to obtain a silencer in South Carolina you must apply to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) via a Form 4 application receive approval, and pay the $200 federal tax stamp.  The ATF has certain requirements for individual applicants and other requirements for trusts and corporations that apply to purchase Title II weapons.  A nice thing about using a NFA trust is that no CLEO signature or fingerprints are required.  For more information about Title II weapons visit or contact a South Carolina Firearm Attorney.

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