How Can I Get My Jacksonville Criminal Charges Dropped?

How can I get my Jacksonville criminal charges dropped? There is not a clear answer to this question. Every Jacksonville criminal case must be evaluated on a case by case basis. The Duval County State Attorney Office may chose to drop charges for different reasons, but it is completely within the Jacksonville prosecutor’s discretion. Even if the State Attorney does not drop the charges, he or she may chose to make a plea offer for a lower or lesser criminal offense. Charges can be dropped or decreased for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of Evidence: If the State does not have the evidence required to move forward with the case, they may drop the charges or make an offer to the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant to plea to a lesser offense.
  2. Pretrial Intervention or Diversion Program: The State of Florida offers a pre-trial intervention program. This is a diversion program that the Jacksonville State Attorney may offer in some cases. If the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant completes the program, the State of Florida will drop the charges.
  3. Mitigation: If the State Attorney reviews a defendant’s background, the facts of the case, and the circumstances surrounding the defendant, he or she may decide to make a better plea bargain offer in a case.

It is important to be proactive with your criminal case. You do not want to wait until your court date to start defending your case. Talking to your Jacksonville Criminal Attorney early about your case is important, because the two of you can decide what the best route is for the case.

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