Criminal Lawyers in Jacksonville Learn From Jacksonville Criminal Cases of the Past

Criminal Lawyers in Jacksonville should tune into E! Television Network to watch “E! Original Countdowns: Too Young to Kill: 15 Shocking Crimes” which premiers tonight at 9:00 P.M. and will run through out the week.  As indicated by the title, the show will cover fifteen juvenile criminal cases from across the nation. The murder of Maddie Clifton should be of particular interest to Criminal Lawyers in Jacksonville since it was one of the most highly publicized murders in Jacksonville’s history. Joshua Phillips, the defendant in this case, is a Jacksonville resident and is currently serving a life sentence in Florida State Prison after his conviction for the first-degree murder of Maddie Clifton.

I had the opportunity to speak with Joshua Phillips’ mother. She informed me that his case is still moving through the Florida appellate courts. She advised me that several mistakes were made at the trial level of this case. As such, it is important for Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers to follow this case, so we can learn from the mistakes of other Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys. Additionally, the Joshua Phillips/Maddie Clifton Jacksonville Murder Case deals with the sentencing of juveniles to life without parole, which is an important issue in Jacksonville, Florida.

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