Alcohol Found on Boat Involved in Jacksonville Area Crash

885970_boat.jpgThe Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) have been investigating the boat crash that occurred on the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Valley between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida.  The FWC discovered alcoholic beverages in the boat and are investigating whether the driver of the boat was under the influence of alcohol.  In the Jacksonville area, it is not illegal to have open containers of alcoholic beverages in a vessel.  However, it is illegal to drive a vessel if you are impaired by alcohol.  This is known as boating under the influence (BUI).  Thus far, no one involved in Sunday’s Intercoastal boating accident has been charged with BUI, but the FWC is still looking into it.  Even if the FWC can show that the driver did consume alcohol, this is not enough to charge a person with BUI.  It is not illegal to have a drink or two and drive a boat.  However, it is illegal too drink too much, or be drunk, and operate a boat.  

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