Zimmerman’s Case Continues to be Tried in the Media

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyAs a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, one of the hardest aspects to overcome is public opinion of a Jacksonville Defendant. News Media Agencies want to keep the public informed of Criminal Matters, especially when the case makes national news. However, all this media attention will make jury selection very difficult if not impossible in the County where the case is currently presiding.

One such case, George Zimmerman, displays this media bias to the extreme. George Zimmerman is the Neighborhood watchman who is charged with second-degree murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. This case has made National Headlines ever since the incident occurred. This case has lead to nationwide protests and some of the largest Civil Rights Activists to express their opinion on the guilt or innocence of Zimmerman.

However, Justice is not served in the Media or Public Outcries. Justice is served in the Courtroom where Our Constitution guides the Officers of the Court. As an officer of the Court we are bound by strict and distinct guidelines and legal standards. We must present our case in a manner that is both fair and just. The jury must be unbiased and impartial. But, when a Criminal case gets so much media attention the Jury may (although not supposed to) use bias and slanted information from the media when making a determination as to guilt or innocence. This could lead to a ruling that is not in accord with the Law and therefore, Justice has not been served on a Criminal Defendant.

This is just one hurdle that a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney handles when dealing with their Criminal Defendant. So, if you are facing a Criminal Offense, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant today. It could prove to be invaluable. So, don’t delay, call today.

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