Woman Arrested in Downtown Jacksonville for Aggravated Battery Charges

Today, Keisha Cabell was arrested for Aggravated Battery in Jacksonville, Florida. Police were dispatched to an altercation at Volunters of America Group Home in downtown Jacksonville. Cabell engaged in an argument with William Benner. According to local media and police reports, she argued with Benner and punched him twice. Thereafter, she retrieved a knife and began stabbing him. She is also accused of stabbing Yulanda Lester after Lester tried to take the knife away.

When Cabell initially punched Benner, she committed a simple battery, which is a first-degree misdemeanor. When Cabell used the knife, she committed Jacksonville aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. This is a second-degree felony. Even if Cabell did not use a knife, she could have been charged with felony battery, regardless. It appears that she has prior arrests and at least one conviction for battery. This can result in the Duval County State Attorney Office filing a charge of battery with one or more prior convictions pursuant to Florida Statute Section 784.03(2). This will upgrade a simple battery to a felony Battery in Jacksonville, Florida (See Jacksonville Felony Battery and Misdemeanor Battery Charges).

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