Two Men Arrested for Orange Park Florida Robbery

Two Men were arrested for robbery in Orange Park, Florida. Clay County police officers arrested Jai Noble (31-year-old) and Brandon Allgood (17-year-old) for armed robbery of an Orange Park Florida convenience store. According to Clay County police reports, Allgood held the store clerk at gunpoint, and Noble went to the back of the store where another clerk was located. The police stopped Noble and Allgood in a white van. They found a handgun, bulletproof vest, and $3,283 in envelopes.

The Clay County State Attorney Office will likely charge both men with armed robbery. Allgood will likely be charged as an adult rather than a juvenile offender. He will be facing the Florida 10-20-Life Statute. Under the Florida 10-20-Life Statute, since he is charged with possession a firearm during the commission of the felony, he could be sentence to a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in the Florida State Prison. As for Noble, it is unclear as to whether authorities are alleging that he was in possession of a firearm, as the media reports are conflicting (

It is imperative that Noble and Allgood obtain Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys for their Clay County Criminal Case. They should have separate lawyers, because they will likely have a conflict of interest. If they do not have one now, they will once the case is investigated further.

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