St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Searches for Suspect in St. Augustine Robbery

Yesterday, a man robbed a Walgreen’s Pharmacy in St. Augustine, Florida. According to the Florida Times Union, he walked in to the store’s pharmacy and handed the pharmacist a note demanding medications, threatening him if he didn’t comply. He lifted his shirt to show a handgun tucked in his belt, so the pharmacist complied with the demand, and the man left.

When people think of an Armed Robbery in St. Augustine, Florida, a man with a ski mask, pointing a gun in a gas station often comes to mind. This “traditional” armed robbery is not always the case. As in the St. Augustine Walgreen’s robbery, an armed robbery can be less aggressive. However, the penalties are just as heavy. Merely carrying a firearm during the commission of a robbery subjects the robber to Florida’s 10-20-Life Statute.

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