Zimmerman’s Attorneys Quit!

St. Augustine Criminal Defense LawyerThe Trayvon Martin Case takes another unexpected turn. This time, the attorneys for George Zimmerman (Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner) have dropped him as a client following three days of no communication between the two parties. They also state Zimmerman is under a lot of stress and they have lost control of his actions.

At the announcement of their withdrawal, the attorneys stated Zimmerman had contacted the Special Prosecutor’s Office directly, had an off-the-record conservation with FoxNews, and created a personal website for legal representation. All these actions were done without the consent and guidance of his attorneys. As a St. Augustine Criminal Defense Lawyer, these actions by Zimmerman are shocking. They go against all procedural aspects as a criminal defendant. I advise my clients not to talk to the police, State Attorneys, or any body regarding their case unless I am present and can control the situation.

These actions taken by Zimmerman may display his unease with the situation or the effect of isolation on both his mental and physical condition. However, taking on his case without legal representation would be a big mistake. This case has caught the eye of the Nation and is highly criticized on both sides. He need Attorney’s fighting for his rights and making sure the proper steps are being taken to protect him.

As a St. Augustine Criminal Defense Lawyer, all I can say is do not fight the legal system on your own. I am here to help assist my clients in providing the best possible defense and to make sure their rights are being protected. Therefore, if you are facing a St. Augustine Criminal Offense or any type of Criminal Offense, contact a St. Augustine Criminal Defense Lawyer today. It could prove to make all the difference in your case.

UPDATE: According to a Press Release, George Zimmerman is to be Charged for his involvement in the Trayvon Martin Shooting. Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey, has not made the announcement as to what Charges Zimmerman could be facing.

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