Should I Hire a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney if the Police Are Questioning Me?

Imagine that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sends a police officer to your home for questioning. You hear a knock on your door, and you are not sure why the police officer is there. He begins to question you about a recent Jacksonville Florida crime. Due to his line of questioning, you feel uncomfortable. You are not sure if he believes you are a witness or a suspect. You are worried that if you refuse to speak with him, he will think that you have something to hide. However, if you talk to him, he may misconstrue your words and use them against you.

These are all normal reactions. As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I have represented clients that were not charged with crimes, but they were under investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. For people that are not involved in the Jacksonville legal system, it is difficult to discuss a case, because they do not understand all of the circumstances surrounding the case. Normally, when a police officer suspects that a person has committed a crime, he is not seeking evidence that will exculpate or exonerate the suspect. He is usually seeking evidence that tends to implicate the suspect. When you discuss your case with a police officer, you may be giving him evidence that he can later use against you.

You should considering hiring a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to speak with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and discuss your case with you. The Jacksonville Criminal Attorney can be present at any meetings that you have with the police officer and advise you of the best route to take during the case’s investigation. If you are under investigation, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to assist you in these tricky times and to make sure your legal rights are being protected.

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