Sealing a Florida Criminal Record When “No Record” Exists

As a criminal lawyer that deals with many Florida record seals and expunctions, sometimes, I run into inconsistencies in a criminal record. For example, I called a Florida Clerk of Courts Office to get a certified copy of the disposition of a case. This document is needed when trying to seal or expunge a Florida record. However, the Florida clerk’s office informed me that this record did not exists. Thus, according to the clerk, the criminal arrest never occurred. However, I was holding a Florida background check that showed the criminal offense, and this is what potential employers look at. Therefore, I still need to seal or expunge the record.

The problem: In order to get the process started for a criminal record seal or expunction, you must send a certified copy of the disposition of the case to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the application.

The issue: How do you send in a certified copy that does not exist?    

The solution: You must obtain a certified letter from the clerk of courts stating that the record does not exist.

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