San Marco Doctor Robbed In Jacksonville Florida


On Sunday morning, two masked men robbed a doctor at gunpoint in Jacksonville, Florida.  They forced their way into the doctor’s house seeking Oxycontin.  However, the doctor did not have this medication, but they did steal $150 in cash.  
Clearly, the men that committed will be subject to home-invasion, armed robbery charges in Jacksonville, Florida, but it does not end there.  Florida enacted a law known as “10, 20, Life.”  This law creates a minimum mandatory sentence for criminal defendants that use a firearm in the commission of a crime.  For example, the men that committed the robbery were in actual possession of a gun.  As such, these criminal defendants will be subject to a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in the Florida State Prison.  
A criminal defendant that is charged with any crime that involves a firearm should hire a Jacksonville Florida Gun Crime Attorney to protect the criminal defendant’s interests.  The “10, 20, Life” Florida law is complicated.  A Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer that understands the penalties associated with a gun crime will be able to represent the criminal defendant to the fullest.  
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