Residents of Gentle Woods Neighborhood had their Vehicles Burglarized

Jacksonville Residents and people expect a certain amount of security in their home and neighborhoods, that’s why they chose to live in their current location. But, when Jacksonville Criminals strike, it puts one’s sense of safety into question. That is exactly what is occurring in our local Gentle Woods neighborhood. If these suspects are caught they could be facing multiple charges of Jacksonville Burglary.

In Jacksonville Florida, the crime of Burglary is defined under Florida Statute ยง 810.02. Under that Statute, Burglary is defined as, “entering a dwelling, structure, or a conveyance with the intent to commit an offense therein, unless the premises are at the time open to the public or the Defendant is licensed or invited to enter.” Furthermore, under this Statute, a vehicle is included within the meaning of conveyance.

In this case, the police have blurry photos and a general description of the vehicle the alleged suspects fled in. In addition according to a local news cast, the police have already pulled over a vehicle that matched the description and was not the alleged suspects. This is a prime example how police can make mistakes, and those mistakes can lead to innocent people being wrongly accused.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer I can review your case, determine if the police had the probable cause to arrest, and to protect your rights as you go against the legal system. Therefore, if you have been accused or charged with a Jacksonville Criminal Offense, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer today.

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