New Florida Law Can Help Drivers Pay Jacksonville Traffic Tickets

Unpaid Jacksonville Traffic Tickets can lead to a Florida License suspension, but a new Florida Law will help driver’s get their licenses back. Beginning October 1, 2010, Florida law will permit anyone charged with non-criminal traffic citations to pay outstanding tickets through installments. The installment payments will be interest-free. Once all fines and fees are paid for, the Jacksonville driver will be able to get his license reinstated.

As a Jacksonville Traffic Lawyer, I have seen many hard-working people lose their licenses for different reasons. This Florida Law will benefit the community as a whole. When Jacksonville residents obtain a valid license, there are less uninsured motorist on the road. Additionally, it is difficult to maintain employment without a license. With a Jacksonville driver’s license, these people are less likely to lose their jobs.

While this Florida Law will affect those drivers with licenses that have been suspended due to unpaid traffic citations, it will not help those that have had their license suspended for other reasons, such as driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence, and excessive points. If you need help obtaining a valid driver’s license, contact a Jacksonville Traffic Lawyer.

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