Florida resident Shoots Houseguest allegedly in Self-defense

Mandarin Criminal Defense LawyerRecently Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law has come into controversy. Many cases in Jacksonville and around Florida have been questioning this Florida Law. As a Mandarin Criminal Defense Lawyer, this Law gives Criminal Defendant’s immunity from their actions if they constitute self-defense. Furthermore, one is permitted to use deadly force to combat a violent attack if serious bodily injury or death will likely result.

There is another recent example of “Stand Your Ground” in Lake County Florida. In this incident, the homeowner shot and killed his 27 year old house guest during an altercation Saturday night. According to reports, 21 year old Jakob Penrod got into an altercation with his houseguest, his finance’s brother. During the fight, Jakob shot and killed the houseguest in alleged self-defense. Florida Police have supported this notion by the evidence collected at the scene.

Although, it appears to be self-defense, the case has been submitted to the State Attorney for review and determination as to whether or not to file charges. If charges are to be filed, it does not automatically mean a conviction will follow. The quicker you get a Mandarin Criminal Defense Lawyer involved, the longer and more time they have to influence the State in not filing charges or mitigating the already pending charges. Therefore, if you are facing a Mandarin Criminal Offense, contact a Mandarin Criminal Defense Lawyer today. It could prove to be invaluable in your case.

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