Man Arrested for Voyeurism in Jacksonville, Florida

Michael Fiorelli was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida for voyeurism and violation of his probation. Employees of a Jacksonville Kohl’s store caught Fiorelli going in the dressing room of the women’s inmates department. They were able to obtain his license plate number, and they gave this to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Thereafter, a woman was in the ladies’ restroom at the Marriott when “all of a sudden, she heard what sounded like someone standing on and slipping off of the toilet seat in the stall next to her… the man ran out of the bathroom.” The woman was able to obtain the man’s license plate number. (News4Jax)

The police contacted Fiorelli’s Jacksonville probation officer and confirmed that he was at the Marriott. He was arrested for Jacksonville Voyeurism in 2004 and 2007. In the 2007 case, he was placed on felony probation. Due to this 2011 Jacksonville arrest, he is also facing a violation of his probation along with the new felony charges.

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