Man Arrested for Stealing Police Car

It seems like a scene from Varsity Blues, but sometimes real life is crazier than fiction. William Blakenship stole a police car in Indiana two days ago and police are still searching for him. The local sheriff’s department found the car and the weapons that were stolen with it, but they are still trying to locate the suspect. They have no clue as to his location at this time.

The Chicago Tribune reports that:

“[Blakenship] stole a Kouts Police Department squad car after a traffic arrest on Tuesday, police allege. Blankenship had been pulled over for speeding, and police reported seeing drug paraphernalia in his car. The suspect was handcuffed and put in the back of the squad car while an officer checked his vehicle. Blankenship then took off with the squad car, which was found in a retention pond Wednesday, police say.”

If this occurred in Florida, Blankenship would be facing numerous charges and would be facing incarceration in the Florida State Prison. However, since the crime occurred in Indiana, he will have to answer to the charges in that state, if he is located.

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