Jacksonville Warrant issued for Man in Jacksonville Kidnapping and Murder Case

Today, I started my day like any other day and like most Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys. I checked my email to address and respond to my client’s requests and questions. I checked the local Jacksonville news via Jacksonville.com (The Florida Times Union). The cover story read, “Jacksonville police issue warrant for Michelle McCoy’s boyfriend.” I learned that a Jacksonville man, Larry Thompson, was being accused of kidnapping and murdering his girlfriend. The article stated that “he has a criminal history and violent past.”

Thereafter, I continued with my daily tasks and worked on my clients’ cases. Minutes ago, I received a call from a reporter from the Florida Times Union. I assumed that he was calling about one of my current Jacksonville cases. However, he was calling about Larry Thompson, a Jacksonville murder and kidnapping case that I am not involved in. The Florida Times Union reporter asked me about a 2006 criminal case. In 2006, I was worked as an attorney at the Office of the Public Defender. I represented Mr. Thompson in a misdemeanor case. He was charged with misdemeanor, making threats, in Jacksonville. I was able to obtain a favorable disposition in which his sentence would be court cost and the two days that he already served in the Duval County Jail.

The Jacksonville reporter questioned me about this case, and I have no recollection of the facts, because I have represented hundreds to thousands of people since then. However, I do know that his criminal history cannot be used against Mr. Thompson unless the Duval County State attorney establishes sufficient grounds for it under Florida’s Williams Rule.

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