Jacksonville Plea Deal is Not Reached in Youth’s Murder Case

Christian Fernandez is the 12-year-old boy that has been charged as an adult for murder in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the youngest juvenile to be charged as an adult. While the Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office and Fernandez’s Public Defender have been trying to negotiate a plea deal in this Jacksonville Murder Case, they have been unable to come to an agreement. Since the prosecution and defense cannot come to an agreement about a Jacksonville plea deal, the case has been set for a jury trial. This Jacksonville Juvenile Murder trial is set to take place on February 27, 2012. At that time, the jury will be picked and the trial will likely take place through out the week. Unless the Jacksonville prosecutor and defense attorneys come to an agreement, the case will be tried. If the case is not ready for trial, the parties may move to continue the trial. However, it is up to the Duval County judge to decide whether or not to grant the motion to continue.

It appears that this murder trial is not the only thing that Fernandez’s Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers need to be concerned about. The Jacksonville.com reports the following information:

“The defense filed a motion to dismiss the original indictment, the prosecution indicated they’d also seek a second indictment against Fernandez for another offense. That second matter has been under investigation all along and involves another crime that carries a penalty of life in prison, authorities said.
The State Attorney’s Office plans to present the second case to the grand jury Thursday.”

It will be interesting to find out if the new Jacksonville criminal charges are connected with the Jacksonville murder charge or completely separate. Since the Jacksonville crime carries a life sentence, it is a serious offense. Not only will the Jacksonville defense lawyers need to defend against the murder offense, but they will have another criminal charge to battle in court. No doubt that any plea deal that is reach will include a disposition of both Jacksonville criminal cases.

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