Jacksonville Man Found Guilty of Murder for Shooting Fellow Restaurant Worker

After waiting in custody at the Jacksonville, Duval County Jail, Thomas Brown stood trial for first-degree murder of his Wendy’s co-worker (Duval County Case Number 16-2009-CF-008160-AXXX-MA) (See also, Jacksonville Felon Charged With Shooting and Killing Co-Worker at Jacksonville Restaurant). On May 23, 2011, the Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office and Brown’s Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers, provided by the Duval County Public Defender’s Office, selected the jury that would preside over this Jacksonville felony criminal case. On May 25, 2011, the Jacksonville criminal lawyers tried the case, and the jury returned a guilty verdict. Since this case is a first-degree murder, death penalty charge, the jury was required to return for the sentencing phase to vote on the death penalty (Jacksonville.com). The minimum sentence available for first-degree murder is life in Florida State Prison.

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