Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of An Accident Attorney Advises that Drivers Have a Duty to Report

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a crime in Florida that can range from a felony offense to a misdemeanor depending on the injury or damage caused by the accident. Florida Statute Section 316.027 govern crashes involving involving injury to a person or death. Florida Statute Section 316.061 addresses accidents that result in only damages to a vehicle or other property. Regardless of the injury or damage caused by the accident, Jacksonville drivers have a duty to stop and remain at the scene until they fulfill the requirements of Florida Statute Section 316.062. This Florida law requires that they give information and render aid. If this law is violated, the driver can be charged with a crime in Jacksonville, Florida.

Additionally, Florida Statute Section 316.065 states that you have to report the crash if it results in injury or death or damage of $500. Thus, not only do Jacksonville drivers need to give all pertinent information and render aid, but they also must report certain crashes to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. If this Florida Statutes is violated, the result is a nonmoving, noncriminal traffic infraction.

If you are charged with a Jacksonville Driving Offense, contact a Jacksonville Traffic Lawyer.

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