Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Intervention

147616_namibian_students_3.jpgWe all make mistakes as juveniles.  Sometimes, that juvenile mistake can lead to an arrest.  Most Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyers and Prosecutors will agree that early intervention in Jacksonville juvenile cases is the best solution.  In many Jacksonville juvenile cases, the defendant is not a repeat offender.  Often, the juvenile is a first time offender that made a poor choice and is scared of the juvenile justice system.  The best way for a Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer to handle a juvenile case is to divert the case out of the courtroom and into a diversion program.  Once the Jacksonville juvenile successfully completes the diversionary program, his charges will be dropped.  This is beneficial to the Jacksonville juvenile for numerous reasons.  First, the Jacksonville juvenile’s charges will be dropped, which is the best possible outcome in any case.  Second, if the Jacksonville juvenile charges are dropped, he can petition the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to get his Florida record expunged.  

If you have questions about a juvenile case in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, contact a Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer.  
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