Jacksonville Injunction Hearings: Do I Need an Attorney?

“I have a Jacksonville Injunction Hearing coming up, but I don’t know if I should hire an attorney?”  According to Florida Statute Sections 784.046 and 741.30, the answer is “no, you do not need an attorney.”  However, failing to hire an attorney to protect your best interests could be devastating to your case.  When a person petitions for an injunction (also known as a restraining order), that person is alleging that you are violent.  If the injunction is granted, you cannot possess a firearm (Florida Statute Section 790.233).  Also, this will reflect on your character when you apply for jobs and can effect professional licenses that you hold.  A Jacksonville Injunction hearing should be taken as seriously as any criminal offense, because if it is violated, you can be arrested for Violation of an Injunction.  Therefore, you should hire an attorney to protect your rights and help prevent the injunction from being issued in the first place.  

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