Jacksonville Florida Felony and Juvenile Judge Dies

Last night, the Honorable Judge Jefferson W. Morrow passed away (Story by Florida Times Union). Judge Morrow was a circuit court judge in Jacksonville, Florida. As a Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer, the first time I met Judge Morrow was in Jacksonville Juvenile Delinquency Court. He was very punctual, patient, and fair. He treated my client, a Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Defendant, and myself with respect and kindness. He respected lawyers that were well-prepared and well-spoken. As a former Jacksonville criminal trial lawyer, he understood the challenges faced in criminal cases and the need for efficiency and guidance in the criminal justice system.

Judge Morrow was admitted to practice law in Florida in 1983. He was a former member of the largest network of Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys, the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL). After practicing as a criminal and civil trial attorney, he was sworn in as a Duval County Florida Judge in January of 2009. After presiding as a Jacksonville Juvenile Judge, he was assigned to the felony circuit court bench where he presided until his recent death. As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I hope that a judge with his compassion and courtesy will fill the void that Judge Morrow has left.

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