Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Submits Rejected Guilty Plea to Jacksonville Felony Court

Thomas Brown’s Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer submitted mitigating evidence to Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt for Brown’s sentencing hearing.

“Assistant Public Defender Fred Gazaleh entered Brown’s rejected plea form and a stack of psychological records into evidence Tuesday as the case approaches a September sentencing. The evidence will be used to argue that Brown, 29, was a troubled man who snapped when he killed Juanese Miller, 22, at a Wendy’s restaurant on St. Johns Bluff Road in June 2009 but that he has since accepted responsibility.” (Jacksonville.com)

The Jacksonville criminal jury returned a 7 to 5 recommendation in favor of the death sentence. However, the Jacksonville criminal sentence will be up to the judge. She will decide if he serves life in prison or is sentenced to death. The sentencing will occur in September.

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