Jacksonville Criminal Attorney: Crime escalates from Minor to Major

As a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, I have seen minor offenses become major crimes due to a change in circumstances. A prime example of this occurred this weekend in August, Georgia (story: News4Jax). The United States Marines were collecting toys for underprivileged children at a local Best Buy store. A man was caught shoplifting a laptop computer. Assuming that the value of the lap top was greater than $300, this shoplifter would be facing a charge of grand theft, if the theft would have occurred in Jacksonville, Florida. However, the crime escalated when the shoplifter tried to escape. He was confronted by a marine when exiting the store. The marine stopped him, and the man stabbed the marine in the back. Now, the shoplifter will not only be facing grand theft charges. In Jacksonville, Florida, he would be charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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