Jacksonville Couple Arrested for Grand Theft of Puppy


Moreen Cunningham and Aaron Taber were arrested for Jacksonville Grand Theft of an $850 Chihuahua.  In Jacksonville, Florida, Grand Theft is a felony if the property stolen is worth more than $300.  Cunningham took the puppy, and Taber stated that he could not stop her.  
Depending on Taber’s involvement in this Jacksonville Grand Theft, he may be charged as a principal.  If a Jacksonville criminal defendant is charged as a principal, he will be treated as if he committed the same crime as his Jacksonville co-defendant.  In this case, Taber will be treated as if he committed the Jacksonville Grand Theft if:
  1. Taber had a conscious intent that the Jacksonville Grand Theft be committed, and
  2. Taber did something to assist or encourage Cunningham to commit the Jacksonville Grand Theft.   
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