Trayvon Martin’s Murder Trial Evidence Released

Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense LawyerThe nationally recognized George Zimmerman Murder Trial Evidence has been released on Thursday. Evidence released by the Special Prosecutor included a multitude of photos, documents, and audio recordings. This case became national news once the Martin family and others placed a “Race” based motive upon the fatal shooting that took place back in February. As a Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer, I keep an unbiased opinion until I have the opportunity to review all the evidence and only then would I offer an opinion as to motive.

After reviewing the evidence released by the Prosecutor’s on Thursday, the prosecution has a long hard road ahead of them before they will have their conviction of 2nd degree murder. Zimmerman and his attorney still claim self defense under Florida’s, now controversial, “Stand Your Ground” law. Under that law a person is permitted to use deadly force when confronted if they believe they are in imminent danger of dead or serious bodily injury. Travyon Martin’s family has stated Zimmerman was unprovoked and acted without reason. However, recently released photos show Zimmerman with lacerations on the back of his head, a broken nose, and black eyes. Considering the injuries to Zimmerman alone, the prosecution has a hurdle to overcome.

In contrast, the Martin family is basing Zimmerman’s guilt on the fact Zimmerman had the choice and ability to stay in the vehicle instead of pursuing Trayvon. They also state Race as a determining factor. However, besides some unsubstantiated comments, Zimmerman does not have a history of Racism.

This case is just in the initial stages and as the case progresses more evidence will be released. The resolution is still to be determined, but as a Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense Attorney the prosecution has some major barriers to contradict before getting the conviction so sought after.

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