I got my Florida Criminal Charges Dropped. Can I have my Record Expunged?

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyThe short answer is, “it depends.” I know that is the cliché Attorney answer to every legal question you may present to a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney. However, my experience in dealing with expunging a Florida Criminal Record, it really depends upon each individual’s personal situation. More importantly, there are statutory guidelines and requirements that must be met before a Florida Record Expunction can even begin.

These requirements and guidelines are listed under Florida Statutes § 943.0585 and § 907.041. Some specifics of the statute are: the applicant has never been adjudicated guilty, never been adjudicated guilty of any act stemming from the arrest pertaining to this request, never received a record seal or expunction. Furthermore, under § 907.041, Florida lists certain criminal offenses that are not eligible for record expunctions. For instance, most aggravated offenses, Sex Crimes, Crimes against Children, etc.

This is just a brief summary of the statutory provisions required for a Florida Record Expunction. As a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, I can review your specific circumstances and determine if a record Expunction is possible. From that point, I can work with you to assist and represent you throughout the process.

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