Florida’s “Move Over” law and Increased Enforcement

law.gifJacksonville is known for its large population and spread out city. The city of Jacksonville covers an area stemming from the downtown, over the intercoastal, and ends at the beaches. That is a lot of surface area and even more roads and motorways. Also, Jacksonville has a desire to always have road construction on all major motorways. These are all factors and more play into the large amount of car accidents and speeding tickets Jacksonville residents incur every year. Well, what some may not know is when a emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road, you are required to either change lanes or reduce speed to 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

This law is called the Florida “Move Over” law and has been enforced going on 10 years. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore this law and that has caused almost 200 officers to loose their lives when responding to an emergency situation. Furthermore, there were numerous other incidents resulting in injuries or property damage. Therefore, February, Law enforcement officers in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia will be cracking down on violators of the “Move Over” law. This law is not exclusive to Florida, but has been adopted in most states; excluding Hawaii and Washington D.C.

This month expect an increase in ticketing in Jacksonville and across the state. But, just because you receive a ticket does not automatically mean you are guilty. Maybe, you didn’t see the officer in time to slow down or changing lanes was not available. These are just considerations a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer will consider after you have received a ticket. These tickets could impose fines, points on your license, and/ or an increase in insurance. If you have received a ticket in Florida and want to discuss you matter with a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, contact us today!

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