Florida Traffic Law for Radar Speed Measuring

Florida Statute Section 316.1906 is the Florida Traffic Law that governs radar speed measuring. This Florida Traffic Law is determines whether or not evidence of a Jacksonville driver’s speed will be admissible in court. Section 316.1906 states:

“Evidence of the speed of a vehicle measured by any radar speed-measuring device shall be inadmissible in any proceeding with respect to an alleged violation of provisions of law regulating the lawful speed of vehicles, unless such evidence of speed is obtained by an officer who:

(a) Has satisfactorily completed the radar training course established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission pursuant to s. 943.17(1)(b).
(b) Has made an independent visual determination that the vehicle is operating in excess of the applicable speed limit.
(c) Has written a citation based on evidence obtained from radar when conditions permit the clear assignment of speed to a single vehicle.
(d) Is using radar which has no automatic speed locks and no audio alarms, unless disconnected or deactivated.
(e) Is operating radar with audio Doppler engaged.
(f) Is using a radar unit which meets the minimum design criteria for such units established by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.”

Recently, the Palm Beach County, Florida, circuit court issued an opinion on an appeal for a traffic citation that did not follow the criteria set forth in the Florida Traffic Law above. (Read Florida Court Rules that Florida Speed Ticket was not Lawfully Issued).

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