Jacksonville Driver License Suspensions for Juvenile Delinquents

Florida Statute Section 322.056 governs Jacksonville Driver Licenses suspensions for juveniles found delinquent for certain crimes. A Jacksonville juvenile’s driver license will be suspended if he or she is found guilty or delinquent of:

  1. selling, giving, serving, or possession of alcohol by a minor (under Florida Statute Section 562.11(2) or 562.111) or
  2. a violation of Chapter 893 (drug-related offenses).
The first violation will normally result in a six month suspension of the Jacksonville driver license. The second violation will result in a two year suspension.  However, the court may direct the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to issue a hardship Jacksonville driver license.  
If are an adult or juvenile having trouble with the status of your Jacksonville driver license, contact a Jacksonville Driver License Lawyer

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