Dropping Jacksonville Juvenile Charges

Most people think that in order to get Jacksonville juvenile charges dropped, you have to be not guilty of the offense.  Then, once the prosecutor discovers that you are not guilty, he will drop the charges.  This is not true.  A Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney will usually speak with the prosecutor before court and discuss other options.  The Juvenile Justice Diversion Program is one of those options.  Jacksonville Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs usually consist of an essay, letter of apology, and 40 hours of community service.  Once the juvenile completes this program, his Jacksonville Juvenile charges will be dropped.  This is beneficial to the juvenile’s criminal record.  

However, the Jacksonville Juvenile Justice Diversion Program is only available for Jacksonville residents.  What if the juvenile doesn’t live in Jacksonville?  There is a solution to this problem.  A Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney may be able to discuss the case with the prosecutor and obtain an “informal” form of diversion.  The Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney may arrange for the juvenile to complete all of the conditions on his own and present proof of this to the prosecutor.  In return, the prosecutor may drop the charges.  
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