Can You Seal or Expunge a Florida Criminal Record if Your Juvenile Record Has Been Sealed?

In Florida, if a juvenile criminal defendant successfully completes a pretrial diversion program, his charges are dropped and he record may be sealed pursuant to Florida Statute 943.0582. Although this Florida Statute uses the term “sealed,” it differs significantly with respect to the “record sealing” that most people are familiar with.

Most Florida record seals and expunctions are made pursuant to other Florida laws. Florida Statute Section 943.059 governs record sealing, while Florida Statute Section 943.0585 covers record expunctions. If a Florida criminal defendant wishes to have his record sealed or expunged under these statutes, he cannot have a prior record seal or expunction. However, a Florida juvenile criminal defendant that has had his Florida criminal record sealed in accordance with Section 943.0582 may have another charged sealed or expunged. Therefore, if a criminal defendant is otherwise eligible to have his record sealed or expunged pursuant to Sections 943.059 or 943.0585, a prior seal under Section 943.0582 will not prevent a subsequent one.

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