Can I Seal or Expunge a Theft Arrest in Jacksonville, Florida?

People often ask me if they can get a theft charge sealed or expunged from their criminal records. Yes, you can get a theft arrest sealed or expunged in Jacksonville, Florida, but you must meet certain criteria. In particular, you cannot have a criminal conviction. That is, you cannot have been adjudicated guilty of any crime (See Can I Get My Florida Criminal Record Sealed if I Pled Guilty to a Crime?).

If the Jacksonville judge gave you a withhold of adjudication, you may still be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed. While Jacksonville petit (petty) theft and grand theft are crimes that are eligible to be sealed, some crimes that include theft (such as robbery or burglary of a dwelling) are not (See Florida Crimes that Cannot Be Sealed). However, you may be able to have any Jacksonville theft crime (including robbery and burglary to a dwelling) expunged if the charges were dropped and you meet certain other criteria required to expunge a criminal record in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you have questions about getting your record sealed or expunged, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to review your Florida Criminal History and discuss with you the possibility of getting your record sealed or expunged.

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