Can I Remove this Felony Drug Charge From My Florida Criminal Record?

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer I have sealed and expunged many Florida criminal records. Often, people ask me if they are eligible to have a felony drug charge sealed or expunged, in Jacksonville, Florida. The answer is “it depends.” It depends on the charge and the disposition. If you have ever been convicted of any crime, you cannot have your recorded sealed or expunged.  Therefore, if you were convicted of the drug charge, you cannot get it expunged.  Even if you were convicted of an unrelated criminal offense, you cannot get the drug charge expunged.  

It also depends on the crime. If you have pled guilty or no contest to certain drug offenses, such as manufacturing any substances in violation of chapter 893, you cannot get your record sealed, even if the adjudication was withheld. Section 907.041(4)(a) of the Florida Statutes gives a list of all the crimes that cannot be sealed in Jacksonville, Florida (See Florida Crimes that Cannot be Sealed). However, if the charge was dropped, you may be able to get the Jacksonville arrest expunged, even if it is listed in Section 907.041(4)(a), because you did not plea guilty or no contest to the Jacksonville criminal charge.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer I can review your Florida Criminal Record and make the initial determination if your Florida Criminal History is applicable for a Record Seal or having your Record Expunged.

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