Can I have my Record Sealed?

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyIs your past coming back to haunt you? Did you make some bad decisions years ago that are now affecting your future? Have you been denied a loan or apartment because of your past? Have you been passed over for job promotions or employment because of your criminal history? If you answered, “YES” to any of these questions you need to call me today. I am a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney that handles Florida Record Seals and Expunctions. Although not everyone and every offense is applicable for a Record Seal or Expunge, a FREE consultation with me will give you the guidance you need in proceeding forward with your life and career.

Florida Statutes § 943.0585 and § 943.059 list several criteria that must be satisfied before allowing a Florida Criminal record to be Sealed or Expunged. One of these criteria is that the crime does not fall into a number of certain crime categories. These include:

1. Aggravated Assault 2. Aggravated Battery 3. Arson 4. Assault
5. Murder
6. Kidnapping 7. Sex Crimes on a child under 16 8. Burglary 9. Robbery Illegal use of Explosives 10. Child Abuse of any kind 11. Abuse of the Elderly 12. Carjacking 13. Stalking 14. Domestic Battery 15. Manslaughter 16. Rape 17. Any Attempt at the above crimes

The process of obtaining a Florida Record Seal or Expunction can become time consuming, complex, and burdensome. Therefore, the advise and assistance from a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney can make all the difference. I will discuss with you the process, answer any questions that may arise, and take care of the paperwork and legwork required to obtain a Florida Record Seal or Expunction for you. So, don’t delay call me today!!

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